Past (Chronological)

1.    Career guidance and counseling cell of Sarsuna College
        Status: UGC sponsored state level seminar
       Venue: Sarsuna College

2.    Department of economics


3.     In collaboration with Khantra College, Bardhwan    
         Status: UGC sponsored National Level Seminar
         Topic: Sustainable Development:  An Interdisciplinary Approach  
        Date: September 23-24, 2011
        Venue: Sarsuna College


4.    Departments of Geography
        in collaboration with KMC and CAD Centre, JU.
        Status: UGC state level seminar
        Topic:   “Geographical Appraisal of the City of Joy’s Environmental Wellbeing”
        Date:  17-18th Jan, 2012
       Venue: Kolkata Town Hall


5.    Department of English
        in collaboration with Sahitya Akademi
        Status: the UGC sponsored National Seminar
        Topic: Transposing Cultures Translating Texts: A Reappraisal of Indian  
            English Literature(s)
        Date: February 2-3, 2012
       Venue: Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture


6.    Department of Bengali
        in Collaboration with Banaras Hindu University
        Status: U.G.C Sponsored National Seminar
       Topic: An Introspection of Bengali Language and literature
            Outside West Bengal (in India) and its Destiny
       Date: 17th & 18th February, 2012
       Venue: Sarsuna College, Kolkata


7.    Department of Political science
        Topic:  Inauguration of a new political culture based on the politics of non violence and assimilation in violence and terror hit areas of Midnapore(East & West) , Bankura and Purulia districs in South West  Bengal  
        Date: 24th  and 25th  March, 2012 erupting in last years i.e 2005-2011
        Venue: Sarsuna College

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