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Pricipal Desk


Principal's Messege

Most of the people are alike, some are not. These exceptional people change the world, make it beautiful. Some of such exceptional intellectuals felt the necessity of an institution of higher education that would cater to the needs of the thousands of students passing out of the schools of the locality which was developing fast due to urbanization. Sarsuna College is the brain child of those intellectuals who came forward to give a concrete shape to the hopes and aspirations of the common people of the locality. I am fortunate enough to be the Principal of this institution which is sprouting new branches and spreading itself to new area of higher education day by day. It announces its glorious existence in the ever increasing sphere of knowledge through its consistently good University examination results, rich infrastructure and a beautiful and congenial academic atmosphere. A group of highly qualified, competent and sincere teachers; well trained, painstaking and efficient non-teaching stuff; well disciplined students and a strong administration led by Dr. Partha Chatterjee, the Hon’le Education Minister to the Govt. of West Bengal and the President of the G. B. of the college, are continuously trying to flourish the institute to the high altitude of excellence. We are a beneficiary of getting financial assistance on regular basis from different funding authorities viz., the U.G.C. , the Govt. of West Bengal, the Local Area Development Fund of Hon’le Dr. Partha Chatterjee etc. We offer the students regular Hons. courses in seventeen subjects , regular Post-Graduate courses in Geography and Computer Science under the University of Calcutta and eleven subjects in Distance Education mode under the Vidyasagar University. We provide the students with a fully automated office, sophisticated laboratories including GIS laboratory, free Wi-Fi facilities and a fully automated central library with OPAC facilities. I am glad to announce that my college has been accredited by the NAAC at B, in this year and received the Infrastructure grant of Rs. 2 crores from Rastriya Uchhatara Siksha Abhiyan. I express my heartfelt congratulations to the teachers, non-teaching staffs and my beloved students for the enormous efforts they released to achieve this and this will take us to a newer stage of the history of our college.

We foster enthusiasm in every youth of its call to understand him, to acquire the qualities of true leadership with democratic attitude and to develop a sense of social and civic responsibilities. We believe in quality building – character building which in its turn builds the career. We are committed to never lose sight, even at a time of self-centered materialistic rat race of life, of humanistic and spiritual core of education which is the mainspring of our existence. We hope new comer students will feel at home here and construct their academic future freely. We assure them that the college will always be with them in their every step.