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Librarian : Smt. Anindita Basu

Contact no 033 2452 3699/4104 Extn. No: 23

The College has extra-ordinary library facilities with spacious reading room. It has a handsome number of text and reference books, the total number being about 21000. The library subscribes to different magazines and journals of different subjects.


Lending library :

1.   Any student who takes books from the library without permission or cuts pages out of library books exposes himself to the gravest penalties. Once a student has accepted a book, he is responsible for it. He must therefore, carefully check each book which he takes out to see whether it is in satisfactory condition.

2.   No marks or inscription of any kind be made in any library book. Offenders will be fined in proportion to the damage done.

3.   Books lost must be replaced.

4.   All books may be called in at the Librarian’s discretion.

Reading room :

1. The reading room contains text books and standard reference books on all subjects taught in the College. Suggestion for additions to the Library may be submitted through the staff who keeps a special register for this purpose.

2. The reading room is open every weekday form 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3. No books or magazines may ever be removed from the reading room.

4.   Books are issued on presentation of the student’s Identity card which will remain with the staff as long as the book is in use.

Book distribution procedure  : We maintain an OPEN ACCESS procedure

An Honours Student can borrow 2 books at a time and a General Student can get single copy only.


  Book Distribution Schedule : Year/departments wise

1st. year & 2nd. Year Students :

B.Sc.               – Monday  & Thursday

B. A.                - Tuesday & Friday

B. Com.         – Wednesday & Saturday

All 3rd. Year Students can avail Reading & Borrowing facilities for whole week but  after 2p.m.


Work in progress : Computerised Cataloguing Programme under process.

Plan for future: To make complete Digitization.


Department wise break up





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