Francis Bacon once said “Mathematics makes us methodical”. Mathematics is methodical calculation. Mathematics is a branch of Pure Science. The whole Universe moves on Mathematics. This is an ancient part of thought and carried out by human beings. It is not possible for modern man to lead a life without Mathematics. Mathematics leads people to the world of rationality and practical wisdom.


To adopt a career, Mathematics has no alternative as this is a compulsory part of all examinations. Thus it is important to keep in touch with the study of Mathematics.


Mathematics is an important and valuable object of study. Mathematical techniques and mathematical models are used in Physics, Statistics and Quantum Statistics as well as in Economics. It dynamically acts as cross-road between Physics, Statistics and Computer Science. Meanwhile, in the technological ground, particularly in the IT field, Mathematics is indispensable for higher studies
.Introduced : 2001 (Gen.)


Medium : English / Bengali
Subject Combination :
Physics and Chemistry
Physics and Electronics
Physics and Statistics
Economics and Statistics

Contact no: 033 2452 3699/ 4104 Extn. no: 20
Email: mathematics.sarsuna@gmail.com

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