Zoology is the study of animal life. It covers areas ranging from structure of organisms to the subcellular unit of life. It deals with the biology of particular groups of animals concerned with their structure and functions. Zoology also deals with the origin of life, evolution, variation, and heredity. Zoologists study the interactions of animals with one another and their environments and the significance of such behaviour of animals.


Zoology is both descriptive and analytical. It can be approached either as a basic science and an applied science. The specialized areas are Anatomy, Animal behaviour, Biomechanics, Biophysics, Cell biology, Comparative physiology, Development biology, Ecology, Endocrinology, Entomology, Evolutionary biology, Aquaculture, Genetics, Immunology, Limnology, Marine biology, Molecular biology, Neurobiology, Paleontology, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Systematics and Wildlife biology.



Students passing graduation in bioscience with Zoology as a subject can opt for jobs in fishery, dairy, apiary, sericulture farm, poultry farm, pathological clinics, marketing and sales. They can be school and college teachers, medical representatives or environmentalists.41


Introduced : 2002 (Gen)
2009 (Hons)
Medium : English / Bengali
Subject Combination :
Chemistry & Botany (Honours and General)

Contact no: 033 2452 3699/ 4104 Extn. no: 31
Email: zoology.sarsuna@gmail.com

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