Graduate studies in English Literature leading to an Honours degree from the University of Calcutta, has a long and illustrious history, of which Sarsuna College, Department of English, became a part from the academic session, starting from July 2002. The department believes that imparting the knowledge of literature provides scope for imbuing students with a sense of language/s, histories, cultures and other civilizational issues relevant to the world around them. To that end, the department follows an interactive method of instruction. Lectures are interspersed with film-viewings, lectures and seminars by resource persons, student seminars, debates and group discussions. The department posts its own wall magazine. The success rate of the students completing graduation with honours in this subject is impressive and is adequately illustrated by the fact that ninety percent of our alumni are currently pursuing post graduate studies in literatures, linguistics, journalism, mass-communication in various universities across the state and the rest are gainfully employed in corporate and IT enabled services. The diversity and scope for career advancement for students of this discipline is thus very wide indeed.32


Introduced : 1999 (Gen.)
2002 (Hons.)
Medium : English
Subject Combination :
Pol. Science and Economics /Film Studies / Education
Bengali and Education / Film Studies (General)

Contact no: 033 2452 3699/ 4104 Extn. no: 20
Email: english.sarsuna@gmail.com

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