Literature is multidimensional. It not only deals with Philosophy, Psychology or Sociology but also Economics, Anthropology, Science, Politics and perhaps all the branches of knowledge of human civilization may be included in the field of literature. So a student of literature gets in touch with all the mysteries of the Universe, which may together be called ‘Life’.


The departments of Bengali, Sarsuna College, tries to give an idea about the world of creation and develops sensitivity in the mind of each student — just like a violin that responds even to a feather touch. This is our main motto. Simultaneously the practical world is not forgotten. We prepare students for different competitive examinations like SSC, PSC, and for various professions, like journalism, mass communication, interpretation, advertising, creative writing, proof reading etc. Eligible students who desire to attain higher education may go for Master Degree in Literature, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Mass Communication under various universities. Wall magazine, departmental magazine etc. motivates students for creative writing and regular departmental seminars, cultural programme, debate, group discussion, helps them to become a good organiser and performer.

 We are the worshipper of completeness. We believe that, life would be beautiful if perceived in totality


Introduced : 1999 (Gen.)

2001 (Hons.)

Medium : Bengali

Subject Combination:

Education and History / English

Film Studies and History / English

(Honours and General)

Contact no: 033 2452 3699/ 4104 Extn. no: 20

Email:  bengali.sarsuna@gmail.com


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