Post Graduate Section of Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 2001 with General course of study in 2002. In the year 2014 we introduce Post-graduation Course under the affiliation of Calcutta University. Our objective is to produce IT professionals of international standard and primarily fulfill the requirements of booming IT industry and develop researchers.


The Department with its present internal and invited faculty sufficiently caters to its requisite teaching requirements. The department has four modern air conditioned computing labs with LINUX based operating systems and all requisite sofwares, printers, scanners and wireless connectivity.


  1. Industry

        i) Development etc.    ii) Research & Development,     iii) Marketing / Management.

2. Academic

        i)    With Gate : a) M. Tech    b) Research in IITS, IISC.S etc.

        ii)   Without Gate : a) M.Tech b) Qualifying entrance test enter the IITs, IISCs etc.

        iii)  With NET JRF : a) Ph.D b) Faculty members in College / University

        iv)   Without NET-JRF a) Ph.D. with proper entrance

        v)    With NET-LS / SET a) Lectureship

        vi)   With GRE a) Ph.D. outside / of inside India



1. Shri Saptarshi Naskar, Assistant Professor and Head of the Department

2.    Smt. Piu Bera, PTT

3.    Shri Arijit Chowdhury (Contractual Whole-time Lecturer)

4.    Smt. Aradhita Mukherjee (Contractual Whole-time Lecturer)

5.    Shri DipakSen, (College PTT)

6.    Shri Monodeep Banerjee, (GT)

7.    Shri Sourav Kumar Dey (GT)

8.    Shri Suchandra Das, GT.

9.    To be appointed (2)




1.   Prof. S. S. Sarma, Professor, Dept. CSE, CU

2.   Prof. Jyotshna Kr. Mondal, Professor, CSE, Kalyani University

3.   Prof. D. D. Sinha, Professor, Dept. CSE, CU

4.   Prof. S. K. Setua, Associate Professor, Dept. CSE, CU

5.   Prof. Kashinath Dey, Associate Professor, Dept. CSE, CU

6.   Prof. Madhura Dutta, Assistant Professor, Dept. of IT, CU

7.   Prof. Partha Sarathi Dasgupta, Professor, IIM, Calcutta

8.   Prof. Haider Banka, Associate Professor, ISM, Dhanbad

9.   Dr. Raju Haider, Assistant Professor, IIT, Patna.

10. Prof. Sanjoy Saha, Professor, CSE, JU

11.  Dr. Satrajit Ghosh, Associate Professor, APC College

12. Prof. Krishnendu Basuli, Assistant Professor, WBSU

13. Prof. Tanmoy Biswas, Assistant Professor, Shyamaprasad College

14. Prof. Swaradindu Roy, Assistant Professor, Sonarpur College

15. Prof. Siddhartha Banerjee, Assistant Professor, RKMRC, Narendrapur

16. Prof. Bibek R. Ghosh, Asst. Prof., RKMRC, Narendrapur.



Sarsuna College intends to make education practicable and valuable to the increasingly competitive job market. Hence the Career Counselling Cell has undertaken several measures like organising counselling sessions, mock interviews, soft skills, personality development, corporate culture/ etiquette and leadership skills to students. These programmes are conducted by the college teachers and distinguished personalities from academic and technical fields. We are also emphasising the placement aim and have successfully arranged the following campussing interviews with UG level students.


YEAR                   COMPANIES                                     YEAR                   COMPANIES

2008                     TCS, SBI Life                                      2009                     TCS, Wipro, SBI Life

2010                     TCS, Wipro, SBI Life                          2011                     TCS, Wipro, IBM Daksh

2012                     TCS, Wipro, IBM Daksh                     2013                     TCS, Wipro

2014                     Applying for TCS, Infosys.

  In this way we offer guidance to students coming from diverse socio-economic background and of differentmerit levels. Periodic interactions with students are arranged to increase awareness about career opportunities and skill enhancement. We shall increase the pace of our activities in this context with our post-graduate students of Geography and Computer Science. We will help our students with Masters degree to get jobs in IBM, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo (R & D), become research associates or scholars in IIMS, CMI, IITs, BARC, ISRO, TIFR, etc. Those who develop computer-based specialised technical skills in GIS, remote sensing, etc can become research associates under TEQIP, DST and UGC major and minor research projects under educational institutes like IIMC, IITs, ISI, JU, CU, UPS and administrative organisations like KMC, KMDA, TCPs etc and even industrial organisations.


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