Geography is simply the study of the Earth as the home of man. The subject focuses upon many urgent issues of the day and hence, is a significant and very relevant discipline. Contemporary Geography studies the physical and anthropogenic environments, contemporary issues, including the continued availability of vital resources, the nature and human implications of the physical earthly processes, the effects of population growth, development and underdevelopment, urbanization, socio-economic problems, regional disparity and planning, environmental degradation and pollution, climate change, hazards and disasters, their management and many more. The undergraduate Geography course aims at imparting sound theoretical and practical knowledge and at providing training in modern geographical techniques, including cartography, statistics, air photo and satellite imagery interpretations and most importantly computer applications. The college department aims at constant modernization. The Geographical Information System (GIS) laboratory and presence of all modern equipments stand testimony to this. The field course forms an integral and compulsory part and trains in the use of field methods, preparing students for future research endeavors.


Introduced:  2001 (Gen.), 2002 (Hons.), 2014 (PG)
Medium : English/ Bengali
Subject Combination :  Economics and Political Science / Bengali / Statistics (Honours)
                     Economics & Bengali / Pol. Science or Film Studies & Bengali / Pol. Science (General)
Contact no: 033 2452 – 3699/ 4104  Extn. no: 39
Email: geography.sarsuna@gmail.com



Dynamic Faculty & Disciplined System: The department has a dynamic and committed faculty. The department shall regularly organize class tests, guardian-student-teacher meetings, aptitude tests, student debates and seminars, feedback systems, exhibitions etc.

Post Graduation under University of Calcutta: The Department also have PG Section and the UG students have immense scope to complete their post graduate studies under the University of Calcutta from this college itself.

Excellent Job Prospective GIS & Remote Sensing Course and Campussing privilege: Students may develop skills in GIS based analyses and application with an exposure to the job market. The department provides 2 degrees in specialized GIS & Remote Sensing, PGDM course of 1 year duration and Advanced Certification course of 6 month duration. The department is in collaboration with esri India, the world’s no.1 company in GIS technology. They certify the courses which is extremely popular in the job market. The course fees are minimum in West Bengal and all famous softwares are taught. There are prospects of job related campussing and getting jobs even before passing out from the college. A knowledge of the softwares is very helpful in further research work and higher studies.

Rejuvenating Existing Infrastructure: The department in this college already have an enriched infrastructure with spacious classrooms and technocentric laboratories, viz. 4 laboratories with smart classroom facilities and 1 ultramodern Geographical Information System (GIS) Laboratory equipped with all necessary geographical equipments, teaching aids like LED Projectors in all rooms, Interactive Teaching Aid, electronic screen, GIS softwares like ArcGIS master labkit, envi, Maplnfo, Erdas and Geomedia Professional, etc, printers and scanners etc. Besides there are all surveying instruments, Weather Station, Air Pollutant measuring instrument, Sound Pollution measuring instrument, Soil and water pollution measuring kits, large stock of air photos, satellite imageries, topographical and other maps, Global Positioning Systems etc. The entire college is facilitated by unlimited internet access with active wifi network connectivity.

Ever-expanding Library Resources: There is a large central library and a departmental seminar library with 3000 books including text, reference books, national and international journals along-with those of allied disciplines like Botany, Zoology, Statistics, Economics, Commerce, History, Sociology and Political Science. Online library facilities and institutional subscriptions of Elsevier, Springer Link, British Council Libraries are fast under process. National Mission of Integrated Education entailing linkages with libraries and faculties of national and international educational institutions have been introduced in this college.

Field Work: The College takes ample interest in incorporating field work to exotic areas of the country within the curriculum of Geography at UG level with an aim to increase relevance of the subjects and rejuvenate interest of students. Participation of all students in such academic excursions is compulsory as per norms.

Departmental Seminar and Workshops: Departmental seminars are arranged inviting academicians, scholars and even administrators and technical specialists to deliver enlightening speeches. Seminars shall also involve debates and communication between scholars and students forming an interface that will supplement regular teaching and discover avenues of higher education and research. Academic and technical GIS and Remote Sensing based workshops will be arranged involving specialists in the field from specialised centres to share new techniques and methods of research in Geography.



 A degree in Geography provides a qualification, widely recognized as an appropriate starting point in various sectors. Teaching and academic work, including employment in schools and with higher education, in colleges & universities are common career options. Graduates also do enter in specific fields like planning, environmental management, demography, cartography, travel and tourism etc. Those soundly trained in GIS and Remote Sensing have bright careers in government organisations, NGOs and in a wide range of industries. Students can also opt for government services like WBCS, IAS etc. Though the discipline is less directly vocational than some of the sciences, rapidly diversifying avenues constantly augment the subject’s attractions.


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