Placement Cell

The experienced faculty members act as efficient counselors and are ever eager to guide the students in choosing their careers matching their aptitude, capability and goal. Assistance in placement, whenever needed, will also be provided to the students. The College even makes arrangement for campussing by various industrial organisations. In the year 2010 total 16 students got good jobs from campussing. 14 were employed as System Developer Manager in HDFC Bank, 1 as Network Administrator in HCL and 1 in BPO Sector of Wipro. In 2011 total 16 students join in various sectors i.e TCS 04, IBM BPO 12.   In the year 2012 total 28 students got jobs from campusing, 08 of them in TCS (6 are in waiting list),  04 in WIPRO, 16 of them got chance in SBI LIFE. In future, the authorities fervently wish to emphasis career counseling and campussing.



President: Dr. Subhankar Tripathi

Joint- Convenors: Indrani Nath and Saptarshi Naskar 


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