At Sarsuna College, entrants remain as students for a limited time, but happily express their willingness to be associated with the college for much longer as alumni. This gives them a nice platform for engaging themselves for the welfare of this institution, as well as a golden opportunity to meet their old batchmates and make new friends, when they come together for the alumni movement.


Keeping this in mind, since 2006, an Alumni Association of Sarsuna College has been formed, with smt. LOPAMUDRA CHOUDHURY as the President. This aims at the constant touch and regular communication between the past and present students of the institution.


A subcommittee was formed initially with a few out gone students, which has expanded over almost six years that have passed since then. With huge dreams in eyes, what used to be a mere sapling then, now aims to be a huge canopied banyan.


The Alumni Association of this college has gradually been enriched with pass-out students from all departments sharing their views with regard to their present working status, upcoming job prospects, various extra- and co-curricular activities, and also general discussion on different subjects discussed in the annual meeting of the association every year.


Many of the Alumni of our college are now well established in their respective fields. Our aim is to enrich and activate this association even more to make a fruitful communication between the past and present students, so that the present students follow the footsteps of their seniors for shaping up their lives in a vibrant and meaningful manner, and the ex-students also feel welcomed to give their valuable suggestions for the betterment of Sarsuna College as a whole.  


Blessed with the constant encouragement given by our respected Principal Sir, all Professors, students and staff, the Alumni always feel geared up to participate in various activities of the college. We all hope that our Alumni Association will be able to reach greater dimensions in future, and that it will play a very constructive and collaborative role not only in Sarsuna College, but for the society at large.





1. All persons wishing to become members must believe in the objectives of the Association, and shall have duly filled in a membership form and submitted the same along with the prescribed Registration fee, by post or in person, at the College Office during the scheduled office hours, against a proper receipt.


2. The alumni members may have to provide advisory, financial, or other suitable support to the College for development and betterment of Academic facilities, and also to participate financially or otherwise in College Development Programs.


3. A member, along with other alumni, may have to organize and participate in Seminars, Symposiums, Debates, Workshops, Conferences, etc., both inside and outside the premises of the College, with help from the faculty members, staff and/or students of the College for the purpose of mutual exposure to modern teaching methods and aids, and keeping up to date with modern developments in various fields of Science and Technology, Humanities and Commerce.


4. An alumni member may have to create special Funds, and/or Trusts, or Advisory, or other bodies for meeting the various wants of the needy individuals of the existing student body of the College.


5. Opportunities must be provided for light social interactions between the members along with their families at definite intervals, and to create special interest groups amongst them in professional, social, cultural, educational, athletic, sports or any other field(s), in which they may be interested.


6. There may be needs to actively support, financially or otherwise, and develop the special interest groups in organizing some programs, meetings, shows, exhibitions, projects or other activities to propagate such special interests, amongst the members as well as the general public.


7. Needs may arise to provide help to the ailing or the victims of any natural or man-made calamities.


8. The alumni may in times need to purchase, print and distribute books, bulletins, magazines, periodicals, souvenirs, circulars, bills and posters, or cause such to be done on behalf of the Association.


9. The Association shall be completely apolitical, and shall also resist any action or measure which it considers to be against the public interest, provided further that any kind of beneficiary actions must not be taken under the sponsorship or banner of any political or quasi-political organizations.




Address: 4/HB/A, Ho-Chi Minh Sarani, Sarsuna Upanagari, Kolkata-700061


Telefax: 2452 3699/4104 Website:

Office hours: Monday to Friday: 11 a.m to 5 p.m.; Saturday: 11 a.m to 1.30 p.m

For your feedback and comments, please E-mail us at:

You also can join in ORKUT address:$Community?cmm=78521325




Application Form For Alumni Membership



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