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PRASHASTI BHATTACHARYYA (Head of the Department )
Assistant Professor Head of the Department
Area Taught:
Theoretical : Geomorphology, Hydrology Climatology, Bio-Geography, Political Geography Environmental Hazards in Indian Subcontinent & Contemporary Issues of Third World
Practical : Geological Mapping Topographical Map Interpretation Map Projecti
Area Interest:
Climatology, Environmental Geography, Social Pathological and Developmental Issues, Political Geography, Urban Problems and Planning
Research Area:
Geography of Urban Crime and Deviance, Problems of Contemporary Kolkata, Weather and Environmental Issues.
List Publications:

  1. The Crime Component of Kolkata’s Social Environment: A Brief Study, Asian Studies, Vol.XXV, June-December 2007, pg.47-69, Netaji Institute For Asian Studies, Kolkata.

  2. Appraisal of Kolkata’s Human Resource by a Brief Perusal of Deviance in the City, Indian journal of landscape system and ecological studies, Volume XXXV, No.1, 2012, ILEE, Kolkata

3.    Aerosols, Climate Change and The Indian Monsoon, Quest, Journal of the Faculty of Science, Sarsuna  

  College, Volume 1, No. 1, March, 2011, pg. 31-37,     Sarsuna College, Kolkata.

4.    A Transforming City and its Changing State of Environmental Wellbeing : A Special Emphasis on   

 South Kolkata , Pre-Seminar Proceeding Volume of UGC sponsored State-level Seminar  on Geographical Appraisal of the City of Joy’s Environmental Wellbeing , 2012, Kolkata.

Contact Address:
19 Kalibari Lane, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700032
9831314360 / 0332483-9145