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Biochemistry is a modern organized subject that deals with the molecular mechanisms of life at any point. It also explains the complicated changes imposed on biological system by the ever changing environment. Biochemistry has its root in the area of old life science and modern life science like different aspects of Microbiology, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Industrial Biochemistry etc.

Scope : 1.
i. After completing graduation with good result one can go for Master Degree in Biochemistry itself in any university.
ii. One can build up his/her future, based on modern areas of Biochemistry, like Industrial Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Clinical Biochemistry, Food Biotechnology, Food & Toxicology etc.
iii. There is a good scope in Paramedical course or in Clinical Biochemistry.
iv. There is also scope of teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate levels in medical colleges.
v. Services in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical laboratories and hospitals are other possibilities.
2. After completion of post-graduation in Biochemistry one can opt for Ph. D. with fellowship through GATE or CSIR – NET examinations. If, one desires to do Ph. D. abroad, one can go through the GRE examination. After completion of Ph. D. one can go for Post Doctoral research which can provide ample opportunities for a bright future in India or anywhere abroad.

Introduced : 2004 (Hons.)
Medium : English
Subject Combination:
 Physics and Botany
 or Zoology & Mathematics (Honours)2
Contact no: 033 2452 3699/ 4104 Extn. no: 32

  Mr. Bankim Mondal (Head)
  Dr. Shreyasi Palit
  Dr. Monorama Polley Mondal
  Dr. Surajit Sinha
  Dr. Sarbary Mukherjee
  Smt. Swagatika Samantaray
  Guest Lecturer (2)

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The Department of Botany was established in 2002 with a B.Sc. (General) course and the Honours course was introduced in 2012. The Department offers undergraduate programmes in Botany Honours and General as per the recent syllabus of the University of Calcutta. The programmes emphasize on emerging areas of modern Botany including various advanced courses like Biochemistry, Plant Biotechnology, Ecology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology; Applied Botany (Research methodology, Tissue culture techniques, Greenhouse technology, Industrial Botany) and Fundamental Botany (Cryptogams and Phanerogams, Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Plant Anatomy, Plant Physiology etc.). The Department has implemented the Choice-based Credit System (CBCS) for grading B.Sc. students introduced by the University in the year 2018, which offers flexibility in the structuring and assessment of courses. The Department has always placed emphasis on teaching and co-curricular activities. Since its inception, it has been recognized for its quality of teaching and research in various areas of Botany. A well balanced curriculum having theory and practical and qualified faculty have been the hallmarks of the Department.

The Departmental Head, Dr. Sanchaita Lala, has undertaken research projects in the area of Nanobiotechnology including Nanomedicine with funding from various National agencies.

The overall goal of the Department of Botany has been to impart quality education at the undergraduate level along with continuous efforts on basic and applied aspects of plant science research.

Highlights of the Department:
The faculty are specialized in different sub-domains of Plant Science. The faculty members of the Botany Department regularly employ modern ICT techniques like Powerpoint presentations in their instructions.

   The Department has a well-equipped laboratory. Apart from active research work, the Department has functional laboratories for UG teaching purpose. Some of the instruments present in the Department include UV-Visible spectrophotometer, autoclave, laminar air-flow cabinet, binocular light microscope and an ultracentrifuge. The Botany Department has a well-furnished museum for permanent specimens and a Herbarium.

   The Departmental Head, Dr. Sanchaita Lala is a recipient of various research projects and fellowships and is a recognized Ph.D. Supervisor at Jadavpur University. She is a reviewer for various international research journals as well as a resource person for workshops and training programs.

   The Department also regularly organises field trips, study tours, botanical excursions, that help in bringing about holistic development of students. A Botanical excursion were arranged to Munsiary, Kausani and Nainital in Uttarakhand with B.Sc. students and faculty of the Department in 2017. B.Sc. students had a real world experience in observing wild plants of different forest terrains during this trip. Excursions were organized to Arunachal Pradesh during the session 2017-2018, to East Sikkim including Gangtok and Zuluk in 2018-2019 and to Darjeeling and Lamahatta in 2019-2020 for collection and survey of various plant life forms. In addition, several local excursions along with a compulsory visit to Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden are arranged every year by the Department.

   During the academic session 2015-2016, a UGC sponsored National Level Workshop on Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms: Techniques and Agribusiness prospects, was organized by Department of Botany, Sarsuna College in collaboration with Vivekananda College for Women, from December 21-24, 2015. In this workshop, B.Sc. students and many faculty members of different colleges received instructive lectures as well as hands-on training in mushroom cultivation technique during a 4 day session.

   The Department also regularly organises workshops, conferences, seminars, with participation of faculty as well as students. These activities help students and are instrumental not only in keeping themselves abreast of current developments and frontiers of research in the subject discipline but also in developing organisational skills.

Courses Offered: B.Sc. Hons. / General
Introduced in the Year: 2002 (General); 2012 (Honours)
Contact Information: Phone No. – 033-2452-3699/4104
Email –

  Dr. Sanchaita Lala (Head)  Profile
  Sri. Subhamoy Chatterjee  Profile
  Mr. Mrinnmoy Mahajan  Profile
  Guest Lecturer (2)

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Chemistry is a scientific discipline that involves the study of Chemicals, its existences, its constituents and compositions, physical conditions and properties, structures, size, phase, volume, state, energy, colours, reactivity and applications. It is one of the core subjects in pure science as well as bio-science. Chemistry is the key subject which correlates other branches of science. It provides a foundation for understanding both the basis and applied scientific disciplines at a fundamental level.

The current course of study in CBCS semester system, the syllabus of B.Sc. Chemistry is designed such a way that all these branches as physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, applied chemistry, computational chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, nanoparticles and nano chemistry, industrial chemistry, material chemistry, green chemistry are covered in this particular course. This present syllabus is very effective for the students who are interested to carry out Research work in different universities and research institutes around the world after completion their B.Sc. and M.Sc. A huge number of students are very competent and join different industries like chemical, polymer, ceramics, oil, pharmaceuticals, paper, beverages, cosmetics, medicine and drugs, paint, food as chemist after completion of B.Tech. / M.Tech.

Department of Chemistry of this college provides all possible facilities, like class rooms equipped with ICT arrangements, three well maintained laboratories equipped with modern necessary instruments like digital pH meters, potentiometers, colorimeters, spectrophotometers, polarimeters, conductometers, melting point bath including Chemical hood, analytical balances rooms, centrifuge apparatus, Magnetic stirrers, Hot air ovens, refrigerators, distilled water plants, one Instrument room having UV-Vis spectrophotometers and FTIR instruments, Computer lab, Departmental seminar Library.

Beside this hardcore teaching learning process different activities like Wall magazine publication, Poster competition, Quiz contest, Student’s seminar, Improvising popular lecturer, Exhibition, Work shop, Industrial tour, educational tour, Project works are organized by the department.

Different Industry Visits/ educational tours are organized to instigate the interest on industrial jobs/ research (R & D) among the students. Chemistry department, Career Counseling and Placement Cell also emphasizing the placement aim and have invited a good number of companies and industries and successfully arranged a lots of campassing interviews with the final year / semester students of UG levels.

Courses Offered: B.Sc. (General) from 2001
B.Sc. (Hons.) from 2002
M.Sc. Affiliated to VU DDE [Distance Education] from 2014

  Dr. Suparna Pal (Head)   Profile
  Dr. Ujjwal Das  Profile
  Dr. Ashis Dey  Profile
  Smt. Subhalakshmi Ghosh  Profile
  Dr. Sharmistha Dutta Dhatt  Profile
  Swagata Sen  Profile
  Guest Lecturer (2)

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While considering the subjects with high demand, Computer Science is definitely one of them, in the current scenario. One of the reasons for this is the wide variety of career options available. In the era of digitization, knowing computer is not a luxury, rather it is essential. Knowing how to operate a computer or how to use some application is the basic need for all. But what is behind it? How the computer is operating? How to build those applications? Answers to all these questions are in the subject Computer Science. The Computer Science department of Sarsuna College is well equipped with modern laboratory facilities. There are three dedicated software laboratories and one hardware laboratory in the department. In the year 2014, regular Post Graduate course in Computer Science was introduced under the affiliation of the University of Calcutta. Sarsuna College was the first college to get Calcutta University affiliation for the regular Post Graduate course in Computer Science. The department focuses on motivating the students for higher studies and Research activities.

Courses in the department:
Post Graduate: M.Sc. in Computer Science
Under Graduate: B.Sc. Honours in Computer Science and B.Sc. General

Introduced in the year:
2001 (Gen.)
Medium: English

  Ms. Krishna Daripa (Head)  Profile
  Sri. Saptarshi Naskar  Profile
  Smt. Piu Bera  Profile
  Sri. Sourav Kumar Dey  Profile
  Sri. Monodeep Banerjee  Profile
  Guest Lecturer (2)

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Economics is a very interesting subject as it helps to analyse how persons make choices in an effort to maximise utility and how a society seeks to allocate their limited resources efficiently to achieve growth. The study of economics includes four key elements – description, analysis, explanation and prediction. Being a behavioural science, economics encompasses scientific nature, its ability to pass value judgement and to suggest solutions to practical problems. The central focus of economics is on scarcity of resources and choices among their alternative uses.

Conventional career paths for economics graduates include

  Actuarial and Data analyst
  Financial risk analyst
  Financial planner
  Economic researcher
  Business and Financial consultant
  Investment analyst
 Banking careers
 Public sector administrative jobs
  Sales person

Courses Offered:   B.Sc. Honours and General
Introduced in the Year:  1999 (General) and 2003 (Honours)
Medium:   English for Honours course and both Bengali and English for General course.

  Dr. Chameli Mondal Pandit (Head)  Profile
  Dr. Piyali Das Gupta  Profile
  Smt. Debamitra Banerjee  Profile

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  Dr. Mahua Chakraborty (Head)

Geography is simply the study of the Earth as the home of man. The subject focuses upon many urgent issues of the day and hence, is a significant and very relevant discipline. Contemporary Geography studies the physical and anthropogenic environments, contemporary issues, including the continued availability of vital resources, the nature and human implications of the physical earthly processes, the effects of population growth, development and underdevelopment, urbanization, socio-economic problems, regional disparity and planning, environmental degradation and pollution, climate change, hazards and disasters, their management and many more.

Courses offered:
Post Graduate: M.Sc. in Geography
Under Graduate: B.Sc. Honours and General

The undergraduate Section of Geography

Introduced: 2001 (Gen.), 2002 (Hons.)

Medium: English/ Bengali

This course aims at imparting sound theoretical and practical knowledge and at providing training in modern geographical techniques, including cartography, statistics, air photo and satellite imagery interpretations and most importantly computer applications. The college department aims at constant modernization. The Geographical Information System (GIS) laboratory and presence of all modern equipment stand testimony to this. The field course forms an integral and compulsory part and trains in the use of field methods, preparing students for future research endeavors.

The Post Graduate Section of Geography

Introduced: The Post-graduate course under the affiliation of the University of Calcutta was introduced in the academic session 2014-15.

We aim at promoting higher education by encouraging academic excellence and nurturing individual talents. We believe that education at Department of Geography should always be a means and an end, a journey and a destination, a challenge and a provider of solutions. We ensure effective running of the teaching-learning programme with the objective of overall development of intellect and careers of students.

Facilities extended to the students in the Department of Geography, Sarsuna College:

Dynamic Faculty & Disciplined System:  The department has a dynamic and committed faculty. The department regularly organizes class tests, guardian-student-teacher meetings, aptitude tests, student debates and seminars, feedback systems, exhibitions etc.

The UG students have immense scope to complete their Post-graduate (PG) studies under the University of Calcutta from this college itself.

Excellent Job Prospective GIS & Remote Sensing Course and on campus placement privilege:  Students may develop skills in GIS based analyses and application with an exposure to the job market. The department provides 2 degrees in specialized GIS & Remote Sensing, PGDM course of 1-year duration and Advanced Certification course of 6-month duration. The department is in collaboration with Esri Technologies Limited, the world’s no.1 company in GIS technology. They certify the courses, which is extremely popular in the job market. The course fees are minimum in West Bengal and all famous software are taught. There are prospects of job related on campus placements and students are getting jobs even before passing out from the college. A knowledge of the software is very helpful in further research work and higher studies.

Rejuvenating Existing Infrastructure: The department in this college already have an enriched infrastructure with spacious classrooms and techno-centric laboratories, viz. 4 laboratories with smart classroom facilities and 1 ultramodern Geographical Information System (GIS) Laboratory equipped with all necessary geographical equipment, teaching aids like LED Projectors in all rooms, Interactive Teaching Aid, electronic screen, GIS software like Arc GIS master labkit, envi, Maplnfo, Erdas and Geomedia Professional, etc, printers and scanners etc. Besides there are all surveying instruments, Weather Station, Air Pollutant measuring instrument, Sound Pollution measuring instrument, Soil and water pollution measuring kits, large stock of air photos, satellite imageries, topographical and other maps, Global Positioning Systems etc. The entire college is facilitated by unlimited internet access with active Wi-Fi network connectivity.

Ever-expanding Library Resources:  There is a large central library and a departmental seminar library with 3000 books including text, reference books, national and international journals along-with those of allied disciplines like Botany, Zoology, Statistics, Economics, Commerce, History, Sociology and Political Science. Online library facilities and institutional subscriptions of Elsevier, Springer Link, British Council Libraries are fast under process. National Mission of Integrated Education entailing linkages with libraries and faculties of national and international educational institutions have been introduced in this college.

Field Work: The College takes ample interest in incorporating fieldwork for the UG and the PG courses to exotic areas of the country within the curriculum of Geography at UG level with an aim to increase relevance of the subjects and rejuvenate interest of students. Participation of all students in such academic excursions is compulsory as per norms

Departmental Seminar and Workshops:  Departmental seminars are arranged inviting academicians, scholars and even administrators and technical specialists to deliver enlightening speeches. Seminars also involve debates and communication between scholars and students forming an interface that supplement regular teaching and discover avenues of higher education and research. Academic and technical GIS and Remote Sensing based workshops are arranged involving specialists in the field from specialised centres to share new techniques and methods of research in Geography.

Internal and invited faculty:  The department has a dynamic and committed faculty. The department regularly invites academicians and experts of the subject and even eminent professors of allied subjects from different colleges, universities and other centres of learning for special lectures for the PG course. Mutual exchange of teaching and knowledge is encouraged and practiced on regular basis. The college is involved into relation with institutions like departments of Geography and allied departments of the Universities of Calcutta, Burdwan and Visva Bharati, some allied departments of Jadavpur University, Lady Brabourne College, IIM Joka, etc.

Publication of research papers:  The department intends to publish a yearly journal that will publish dissertation papers and write-ups of academicians to add to our library resource and knowledge base.
A degree in Geography provides a qualification, widely recognized as an appropriate starting point in various sectors. Teaching and academic work, including employment in schools and with higher education, in colleges and universities are common career options. Graduates also do enter in specific fields like planning, environmental management, demography, cartography, travel and tourism, etc. Those soundly trained in GIS and Remote Sensing have bright careers in government organizations, NGOs and in a wide range of industries. Students can also opt for government services like WBCS, IAS etc. Though the discipline is less directly vocational than some of the sciences, rapidly diversifying avenues constantly augment the subject’s attractions.

After a Post-Graduate degree in Geography, a student should choose between academic, technical, administrative and management related professions. With UGC /CSIR NET or SET qualification and / or M.Phil and Ph.D, a student can get into college teaching. With B.Ed and SSC, one can be in school teaching. A student with specialized technical training in GIS and Remote Sensing can get jobs in surveying, planning and mapping organizations like NATMO, Survey of India, administrative offices as KMC, KMDA, planning bodies, NGOs, industries, IT Sector. With specialized courses like that in urban management and regional planning, travel and tourism, demographic courses in institutes like Indian Institute of Population Studies etc., a student can get job in planning offices like KMC, KMDA, planning organizations, transportation and environmental management, international organizations like World Bank, WWF, UNO etc . A student with degrees in such courses and NET/SET qualification can be a scientist or fellow in Depts. of Science and Technology and other research institutes. With qualification in WBCS, IAS, IFS etc. a student may enter into government services.

Contact Information:
Contact no: 033 2452 – 3699/ 4104 Extn. no: 39

  Smt. Prashasti Bhattacharyya (Head)  Profile
  Dr. Saswati Roy  Profile
  Dr. Arpita Bhattacharjee  Profile
  Dr. Rituparna Hazra  
  Smt. Sumana Ghatak  Profile
  Dr. Debasmita Ghosh  Profile
  Smt. Angana Basu  Profile
  Smt. Sangita Paul  Profile
  Smt. Poushali Dasgupta  Profile
  Guest Lecturer (3)

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  Sri. Tapas Lowha (Head)
  Sri. Jagatpati Das
  Guest Lecturer (2)

Microbiology by definition is the study of microscopic organisms present in the Universe. It represents the intersection between Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Bacteriology, Virology and Geology. Mostly they are beneficial but some microbes cause the infectious diseases that are some of our biggest concerns, yet are also our closest companions. They are the engines that drive the biosphere and shape our climate. The teachers of our department involved in teaching as well as research in a broad range of fields, including microbial physiology, molecular microbiology, genetics, genomics, symbiosis, pathogenesis, biotechnology, computational biology and ecology. Graduates of our program go on to jobs in a wide variety of fields, including health care, public health, science policy, food safety, pharmaceuticals, industrial microbiology, and scientific research at academic and government institutions.

Introduced in the year: 2001 (Hons.)

Contact no: 033 2452 3699/ 4104

  Dr. Sutapa Ganguly (Head)  Profile
  Dr. Abul Hasan Sardar  Profile
  Smt. Swapna Dey  Profile
  Smt. Lopamudra Choudhury  Profile
  Mr. Sugata Dutta  Profile
  Mr. Abhishek Chatterjee  Profile
  Guest Lecturer (3)

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  Dr. Subhankar Tripathi (Principal)
  Dr. Suman Sinha (Head)
  Ms. Sulakshana Mondal
  Dr. Partha Hajra
  Guest Lecturer (2)


  Sri. Sanjib Kumar Gupta (Head)

Since the inception, the Department of Zoology of Sarsuna College boasts of academic excellence at a consistent level in University examinations. The dept has a rich legacy of having rank-holders in University almost every year. The dept is enriched with well equipped laboratories and an excellent faculty support. The faculty as well as the non teaching stuff work round the clock towards the single motto of bringing out the best from each and every student of the dept. Regular field trips are organized to make students aware of the practical aspects of the subject. Students are encouraged to participate in seminars, to give presentations in order to develop their academic skills. Thus the department of Zoology always strives to make the institute proud of its existence.

Courses Offered:   B.Sc. Hons. And General
Introduced in the Year:  2009 [Hons.].

  Dr. Indraneel Saha (Head)  
  Mrs. Ishita Ray  Profile
  Smt. Rituparna Sarkar  
  Smt. Barnali Sarkar  
  Mr. Suvajit Dey  Profile
  Smt. Swagata Palit  Profile
  Gesture Lecturer(2)

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