The primary aim of learning Statistics is to achieve the right knowledge about how our daily life is inseparably interrelated with statistical logic and ideas. Statistics involves measurements, enumerations or estimates of natural or social phenomena, systematically arranged so as to exhibit their inter-relations. It deals with the aggregate of facts, affected to a marked extent by a multiplicity of causes, numerically expressed, enumerated or estimated according to reasonable standards of accuracy collected in a systematic manner for a pre-determined purpose and placed in relation to each other.




The scope of Statistics today is enormous. Statistics is the basis of almost all analysis. Numerous research institutions in India and abroad employ research workers for the development of Statistics. Teaching posts of universities, colleges and schools also employ students of Statistics in their faculties. In many industries too, students of Statistics are employed.


Introduced : 2005 (Gen.)
Medium : English
Subject Combination :
Mathematics & Economics / Physics (General)

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