Electronics is that branch of Science & Technology which deals with the theory and application of a class of devices in which transport of electrons occurs through a vaccum, gas or semiconductor.
The syllabus is enriched with “Electron Devices & Passive Circuits”, “Circuit theory”, “Linear Active Circuits”, “Digital Electronics”, “Electronic Instrumentation”, “Communication Electronics & Microwaves”, and “Microprocessor & their application”.  Therefore, the syllabus is concerned with the ‘Physical Electronics’ as well as with the ‘Electronic Engineering’, from an ordinary wrist watch to the control room, 40,00,00 ton super tanker carrying cargo across the sea, from the telephone repeaters buried deep under the ocean to the spaceships for out in space, from a modern household to the gigantic steel mills and power houses, Electronics has penetrated everywhere.


Scope :


Studying the syllabus (Theoretical & Practical) thoroughly one can get job in many fields of Science & Technology. Nowadays electronic devices are used in communications & entertainment, device application (computer, mobile etc), industrial application, medical sciences, instrumentation and in so many other branches of Science and Technology. Private business with self-developed devices is another way of occupation.


Introduced : 2001 (Gen.)
Medium : English
Subject Combination :
Mathematics and Physics / Computer Science (General)

Contact no: 033 2452 3699/ 4104 Extn. no: 38
Email: electronics.sarsuna@gmail.com

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