Biochemistry is a modern organized subject that deals with the molecular mechanisms of life at any point. It also explains the complicated changes imposed on biological system by the ever changing environment. Biochemistry has its root in the area of old life science and modern life science like different aspects of Microbiology, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Industrial Biochemistry etc.


Scope : 1. i) After completing graduation with good result one can go for Master Degree in Biochemistry itself in any university.
            ii) One can build up his/her future, based on modern areas of Biochemistry, like Industrial Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Clinical Biochemistry, Food Biotechnology, Food & Toxicology etc.
            iii) There is  a good scope in Paramedical course or in Clinical Biochemistry.
            iv) There is also scope of teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate levels in medical colleges.
            v) Services in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical laboratories and hospitals are other possibilities.
            2. After completion of post-graduation in Biochemistry one can opt for Ph. D. with fellowship through GATE or CSIR – NET examinations. If, one desires to do Ph. D.  abroad, one can go through the GRE examination. After completion of Ph. D. one can go for Post Doctoral research which can provide ample opportunities for a  bright future in India or anywhere abroad.


Introduced : 2004 (Hons.)
Medium : English
Subject Combination :
Physics and Botany
or Zoology & Mathematics (Honours)2
Contact no: 033 2452 3699/ 4104 Extn. no: 32
Email: biochemistry.sarsuna@gmail.com

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